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Using Change Markers to View and Navigate Through Changes in the Editor

As you modify a file that is under version control, all changes are highlighted in the editor with the change markers that appear in the left gutter next to the modified lines, and show changes introduced since the most recent synchronization with the repository. On committing a file to the repository, the change markers disappear.

The changes you introduce to the text are color-coded:

  • lineAddedMarker line added.
  • lineChangededMarker line changed.
  • lineDeletedMarker line deleted.

A special toolbar is associated with each change marker, enabling you to perform the following operations:

To show the change marker toolbar

  1. Point to the desired change marker. The mouse pointer changes its shape:
  2. Click the change marker. The toolbar and the previous contents of the line are displayed:

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Last modified: 20 April 2016