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Viewing Local History of a File or Folder

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Local History makes it possible to view changes made to a certain file or a whole directory. Each entry in the Local History dialog box is displayed with its time stamp, action and optional label. So doing, the local history for a file includes all changes that affect both the selected file and the whole project; local history for a folder shows changes to the source code tree in general. You can explore changes, selecting the respective row in the Local History dialog box.

Viewing local history

To view local history

  1. Select a folder or file in the Project tool window, or open a file in the editor.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the main VCS menu, or on the context menu of the selection, choose Local History | Show History.
    • Press Alt+Back Quote, and choose the desired command from the VCS Operations quick list.
    • Use View Recent Changes that shows a summary of recent changes in a single pop-up list. Clicking an entry in this list shows the respective Local History.
  3. Use the Local History view to compare local versions and revert changes.

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Last modified: 20 April 2016