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Viewing Merge Sources

For Subversion, the common Viewing Change History functionality is expanded with the possibility to view which revisions have been used in merges applied to a file. The merge sources can be presented as a tree of revisions.

To view the merge source

  1. Open the Version Control tool window, Repository tab, and switch to the Changelists pane.
  2. Select the required changelist, switch to the Changed Files pane, and select the required file.
  3. Select Show History in the context menu or click showHistory on the main editor toolbar. The Version Control tool window opens displaying the change history of the selected file. For each revision, the Merge sources read-only field shows the revisions that were used as sources for the merge.
  4. To view all the paths affected by a merge, select the relevant row and select Show all paths affected in the selected transaction in the context menu or click showAllPAthsAffected on the tool window toolbar.

    The following information dialog box appears:

  5. To view the source details of a merge, select the relevant row and click More. The details are displayed in the following information dialog box:

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Last modified: 20 April 2016