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Web2Py Project Settings

Create New Project Dialog - Web2Py Project - OK

Use this dialog box to configure Web2Py project settings.

Project nameThis read-only field displays the project name defined in the Create New Project dialog box.
Application nameType the name of the Web2Py application. The folder with this name, containing the corresponding stub files, will be generated under the project root.
Use local Web2PyIf this check box is selected, then the local Web2Py sources will be used; you can download Web2Py sources from here.
if this check box is not selected, then the entire Web2Py will be downloaded.
Web2Py source folderIn this field, specify the fully qualified path to the local copy of Web2Py sources. This field is only available, when Use local Web2Py check box is selected.
OKClick this button to create the new project with the specified name.
If the dialog has been invoked from the Welcome Screen, the new project will be created immediately. If the dialog box has been invoked from an existing project, PyCharm will suggest to select a window where the new project will be opened: replace the current project in the existing window, or open a new one, and continue working with multiple projects.
CancelClick this button to cancel operation and close the dialog box. Note that an empty folder with the project name and location you have specified in the Create New Project dialog box will be preserved.

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Last modified: 23 November 2016