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Adding Files to Version Control

If a new file is created with PyCharm in a directory that is already under version control, it automatically adds to the active changelist with the status Added. All you have to do, is to commit this change.

PyCharm's behavior on adding files is configurable in the General Settings tab of the Version Control dialog.

If a new file is created outside of PyCharm, or silent adding is disabled, you have to explicitly add it to the version control.

Another approach is VCS-specific. You can import an entire directory to your repository, provided that you have the corresponding access rights. This action is helpful for putting a whole project under version control.

To explicitly add a file to version control

  1. Select file in the Project tool window.
  2. On the main Version Control menu or on the context menu of the selected file, choose <VCS> | Add.

    Alternatively, use the Version Control tool window. Select the desired files in the Unversioned files changelist in the Local Changes tab, and choose Add to VCS on the context menu, or just drag it to the target changelist.

  3. Select the added file in the changelist and check in (commit) changes.

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Last modified: 23 December 2016