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Navigating with Breadcrumbs

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In the HTML and XML context, you can navigate through the source code using breadcrumbs that are displayed above the main editor window. The breadcrumbs show the elements of a XML or HTML file opened in the active editor tab:


To have breadcrumbs shown, you have to enable them.

Enabling breadcrumbs

To have breadcrumbs displayed

  1. Open the PyCharm Settings/Preferences dialog.
  2. Under the Editor node, click General | Appearance.
  3. In the Appearance page, select the Show breadcrumbs check box.

Navigating between a breadcrumb and the source code

To navigate with breadcrumbs

  • Click the breadcrumb with the relevant tag. The cursor jumps to the corresponding element in the source code.

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Last modified: 23 December 2016