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Matplotlib Support

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To start using Matplotlib, make sure that the package is properly installed in your project interpreter.

To learn how to install this package in PyCharm, refer to the section Installing, Uninstalling and Upgrading Packages.

Matplotlib support

Matplotlib is the graphical package that has the interactive mode. In this mode, a graph opens in its own window, allowing you to resize, zoom in and out, etc.

In PyCharm, the interactive mode is enabled by default. When starting an interactive console, one can import Matplotlib, and build graphs as required. So doing, when Matplotlib is imported, PyCharm shows a message that interactive mode is on:


In PyCharm, on invoking the function plot() for each graph, this graph opens in its own pop-up window interactively:


So doing, the console is accessible for further inputs:


Matplotlib in the Debug tool window console

Matplotlib is also available in the Console of the Debug tool window.

With Matplotlib imported, when stopping on a breakpoint, an interactive pop-up window with the graph being debugged appears:


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Last modified: 26 July 2017