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Supported Languages

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Supported languages

Development of a modern application involves using multiple languages, that is why PyCharm is an IDE for polyglot programming. With the deep understanding of all the subtleties of the source code structure and syntax, PyCharm extends its support to:

PyCharm supports the following frameworks, tools, and template languages:

  • Django up to the version 1.3.
  • Google App Engine.
  • Flask.
  • Buildout.

    PyCharm detects buildout support in the existing projects, and makes it possible to open them. However, you have to provide the buildout environment in advance.

  • Web2Py. Refer to the section Web2Py for details.
  • Pyramid. Refer to the section Pyramid for details.
  • Maya. This support includes remote debugging and launching scripts in Maya.
  • Template languages:

    Refer to the section Templates.

  • SQLAlchemy. This support includes:
    • Code insight
    • Possibility to view database structure in a diagram. Refer to the section Working with Diagrams.
    • Code completion and resolve.

Coding assistance

Coding assistance in PyCharm includes:

Besides editing assistance, PyCharm enables debugging for JavaScript, and Python and Django applications.

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Last modified: 26 July 2017