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File Types Recognized by PyCharm

PyCharm recognizes numerous file types. Each file type is denoted with a special icon. Custom files types are also allowed. Each file type is associated with one or more extensions that match a certain pattern.

The file types and their extensions are configurable in the File Types dialog.

The default types include:

File TypeIconRecognized in
Archive files icon create archive Professional Edition, Community Edition
Buildout configicon buildoutConfigFileProfessional Edition
Chameleon template fileschameleonProfessional Edition
C# filesfileTypeCSharpProfessional Edition, Community Edition
C/C++ filesfileTypeCProfessional Edition, Community Edition
CSS files fileTypeCssProfessional Edition
CoffeeScript filesicon CoffeeScriptProfessional Edition
Cython filesicon cythonProfessional Edition
Dart filesicon dart fileProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Diagram filesicon UMLProfessional Edition
Erlang filesfileTypeCProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Files marked as plain text plain text iconProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Files opened in associated applicationsiconFileTypeCustomProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Handlebars filesfileTypeHandlebarsProfessional Edition
HAML files fileTypeHAMLProfessional Edition
HTML files classTypeHtmlProfessional Edition, Community Edition
IDL filesfileTypeIdlProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Image filesfileTypeImageProfessional Edition, Community Edition
JavaFX filesfileTypeCProfessional Edition, Community Edition
JavaScript filesfileTypeJavaScriptProfessional Edition
JavaScript test filesfileTypeJSTestProfessional Edition
JavaScript files that can be executed on Node.jsfileTypeJSFileToRunOnNodeProfessional Edition
JSHint configuration files ac iconJSHint Professional Edition
JSON filesfileTypeJSONProfessional Edition
JSTestDriver Config filesfileTypeJSTestDriverConfig.pngProfessional Edition
Less files fileTypeLESSProfessional Edition
Localization filesfileTypePOProfessional Edition
Mako template filesfileTypesMakoProfessional Edition
Qt UI designer form filesfileTypesQtUIBoth editions
reStructuredText filesfileTypesRSTBoth editions
Patch filespatchProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Perl filesfileTypeJavaScriptProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Python scriptspythonScriptBoth editions
Regular expressionsfileTypeRegexpProfessional Edition, Community Edition
RELAX NG Compact SyntaxfileTypeRelaxNGProfessional Edition, Community Edition
Sass files fileTypeSASSProfessional Edition
SCSS files fileTypeSASSProfessional Edition
SQL filesicon sqlOpenInEditor Professional Edition, Community Edition
Stylus filesfileTypeStylus Professional Edition
Text filesac iconFileTypeText Professional Edition, Community Edition
TypeScript files ac iconFileType TypeScript Professional Edition
XHTML files ac iconFileTypeXHTML Professional Edition, Community Edition
XML DTD files ac iconFileTypeDTD Professional Edition, Community Edition
XML files ac iconFileTypeXML Professional Edition, Community Edition
YAML files fileTypeYAML Professional Edition
Last modified: 28 March 2018

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