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pythonScript Python script
method Method
field Field
variable Variable
property Property
property yellow Parameter
xml element Element
folder Directory
iconPackage Package
root_Source.png Source root
root Excluded Excluded root
template folder iconTemplate roots
Visibility modifiers
pseudoprivate iconThe lock decorator in the upper-left part of a symbol marks a symbol whose name begins with one or more underscores. Such names are considered pseudo-private and are specially treated by an interpreter to restrict their visibility scope.
magic name iconThe blue bubble in the upper-left part of a symbol marks a symbol whose name begins and ends with two underscores, and is specially treated by an interpreter and standard library.

Data Sources

DataSource DB data source. Also, DBMS-specific icons are used:
DBReadonly DB data source with the read-only status, e.g. DBReadonlyDB2 for Derby.
icon DDLDataSource DDL data source
dataSchema Schema
DataTables Table
dataView View
dataColumn Column
dataColumnNotNull A NOT NULL column
dataPkColumn.png Column with a primary key
dataFkColumn.png Column with a foreign key
dataIndexedColumn.png Column with an index
dataPrimaryKey Primary key
dataForeignKey Foreign key
dataIndex Index
dataTrigger Trigger
dataFunction Stored procedure or function
Last modified: 28 March 2018

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