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Disabling Intention Actions

If an intention action is enabled, the alert shows automatically, when the caret rests on the problem-causing piece of code. You can disable alert for any type of intention actions, and show it by explicit invocation only.

Disabled intention actions are marked with the grey light bulb icon intentionBulbGrey. Though disabled, such actions are still available and can be applied to the source code.

You can suppress intention actions related to inspections "on-the-fly", as described in the section Suppressing Inspections.

To disable an intention action alert

For the disabled intention action, the menu item changes to Enable <intention action name>.

  1. Click Alt+Enter, or click the light bulb icon to show the suggestion list.
  2. Select the action to be disabled and click the right arrow button.
  3. On the submenu, click Disable <intention action name>:

    py intentionActionDisable

Last modified: 23 July 2018

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