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Move Module Members Dialog

Refactor | Move

This dialog box appears only for the top-level symbols. Using this dialog, you can:

  • Select and move several members at once. So doing, dependent symbols are highlighted.
  • Select several symbols in the editor; so doing, they will be pre-selected in the dialog.
  • Besides classes and functions, move the global variables, defined in a module on the top-level.
FromThis read-only field shows the fully-qualified path to the original file.
ToIn this field, specify the fully-qualified path to the destination file. Click browseButton to locate the target file in the Select Path dialog.

If the destination file does not yet exist, it will be created.

Bulk moveThis section shows the list of top-level members. Each member has a checkbox to the left.

If several members get selection in the editor, they will become pre-selected in the list.

To hide the list of members, click arrow down hide settings.

Last modified: 23 July 2018

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