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Python Template Languages

File | Settings | Python Template Languages for Windows and Linux
PyCharm | Preferences | Python Template Languages for macOS

Use this page to select the template language to be used in each of the projects opened in the same window, specify template folders.

Projects pane

ProjectsThis pane displays the list of projects, opened in the same window. The first project in the list is the primary project.

Template languages pane

Template languageSelect the desired template language for your project from the drop-down list. For example, you can mark your project as using Django templates even if it is not a Django project.

The available template languages are:

Template file typesIn this section, specify the types of files, where templates will be recognized.
Press add to show the list of available file types, and choose the desired one.
Press delete to delete the selected file type. Note that the default file types (HTML, XHTML, and XML) may not be deleted.
Last modified: 23 July 2018

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