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Enable CSS Emmet

Select this checkbox to enable Emmet support for style sheets. If this checkbox is not selected, the complicated abbreviations, like bdci:n expanding into border-corner-image: none;, will not work in the editor.

Enable fuzzy search among CSS abbreviations

When this checkbox is selected, every unknown abbreviation will be scored against available template names. The match with the best score will be used to resolve the template. For example, with this option enabled, the following abbreviations can be equal to:
  • ov:h

  • ov-h

  • o-h

  • oh

Enable expansion of unknown properties ('unknown' to 'unknown:;')

  • When this checkbox is selected, any entered word will be expanded into the same word followed with a colon and a semicolon;

  • When this checkbox is cleared, only known properties (for example, color) will be expanded this way (color:;)

Auto insert CSS vendor prefixes

If this checkbox is selected, the CSS properties listed in the table below are expanded into constructs that contain pre-pending vendor prefixes. Learn more at Vendor prefixes.

If this checkbox is cleared, the entire table of properties is disabled.

Properties and vendor prefixes

The table contains a list of CSS properties and vendor prefixes that correspond to various browsers.
  • To enable or disable a property in a browser, select or clear the checkbox under the browser column.

  • To add a new property to the list, click the Add button icons general add svg or press Alt+Insert. Then type the name of the property in the dialog box that opens and enable it in the relevant browsers.

  • To delete one or more properties from the list, select them and press Remove icons general remove svg or press Alt+Delete.

Last modified: 21 November 2018

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