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Managing Variables Loading Policy

PyCharm debugging model provides three policies for loading values of variables:

  • Synchronously: variables are loaded all together.

  • Asynchronously: variables are loaded separately.

  • On demand: variables are loaded on user's request.

By default, variables are loaded asynchronously. To change the loading policy, click artwork studio icons logcat toolbar settings in the Debug Tool dialog toolbar, navigate to Variables Loading Policy, and select the target policy from the list.

Select the variables loading policy

Note that any changes in the loading policies become effective after you rerun the debugging process.

Enable synchronous loading of variables:

  1. Select the corresponding option in the Variables Loading Policy list.

  2. Launch a debugging session.

Debugger shows the Collecting data message, and after that the variables' values are loaded.

Manage the asynchronous loading of variables:

  1. This policy is enabled by default. You need to enable it using the Variables Loading Policy settings of the Debug tool dialog only when you're changing any previously selected policy.

  2. If loading a variable takes a long time, the debugger shows ...Loading Value. When the loading is low, you might see the Loading timed out messages.

    Mind the warning message in the Variables that prompts switching to the on demand policy.

    Asynchronous loading of variables is low, switch             to the On demand policy
    Click Switch to loading on demand in the warning to enable the On demand policy.

Load variables on demand:

  1. To enable the On demand variables loading policy, choose the corresponding option in the Variables Loading Policy settings of the Debug tool dialog or click the Switch to loading on demand link in the Variables area of the Debug tool dialog.

  2. You will see one or several Show Value messages. Click them to load variable's values.

    Show Value for On Demand Variables Loading Policy

Last modified: 21 November 2018