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Share Jupyter notebooks in Datalore

Datalore is an intelligent web application for data analysis. PyCharm Professional bundles its plugin so that you can enable real-time remote access to your Jupyter notebooks and share them with your colleagues.

Upload a notebook to Datalore

  1. When you're ready to share your notebook, click Datalore on the Jupyter notebook toolbar.

  2. Now provide public access to your notebook. In the Share settings dialog, click Turn sharing via public link ON. You can now access your notebook on the web at the publishing service

    Uploading a notebook to Datalore

  3. If you access Datalore for the very first time, you will be asked to login into the Datalore application. You can create a Datalore account or use your Google account. When logged in, Datalore shows the API token generated for your account. Click Confirm to proceed.

    Datalore token
    At any time you can open project Settings/Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S, select Tools | Datalore, and click Sign out to terminate your login session.
    Datalore settings

  4. If you have not made your notebook public by this time, click Share on the Datalore toolbar.

    Run in Datalore

    You can enable sharing the notebook through the link.

    Sharing a notebook via the link
  5. To execute your notebook cells in the Datalore application, click Run in Datalore on the Datalore toolbar.

    Run in Datalore command

    You can try various execution modes and preview execution time of each cell in your notebook.

    Running a notebook in Datalore

Note that once uploaded, your notebook remains in Datalore until you explicitly remove it from the list of your notebooks.

Delete a notebook from Datalore
Last modified: 6 November 2019