PyCharm 2019.2 Help

Using Consoles

Actions available in the Interactive Console

In an interactive console, you can:

  • Type commands in the lower pane of the console, and press Enter to execute them. Results are displayed in the upper pane.

  • Use basic code completion Ctrl+Space.

  • Use Up and Down arrow keys to scroll through the history of commands, and execute the required ones.

  • Load source code from the editor into console.

  • Use context menu of the upper pane to copy all output to the clipboard, compare with the current contents of the clipboard, or remove all output from the console.

  • Use the toolbar buttons to control your session in the console.

  • Configure color scheme of the console to meet your preferences. Refer to the section Configuring Color Scheme for Consoles for details.

Last modified: 6 November 2019