PyCharm 2020.1 Help

Open your project

If you open your project for the very first time, you see the Welcome Screen. You can either open your project from the disk, or download it from the version control system.

Open your project from disk

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Welcome Screen, click the Open link.

    • From the main menu, select File |Open.

  2. In the Open File or Project dialog that opens, find location of the desired project directory. The PyCharm project are marked with JB IDE project and projects created in other IDEs or in a dedicated editor are marked with a directory icon.

    If you select a non-PyCharm directory, PyCharm creates a new IDE project and set up a project interpreter.

  3. Click OK.

Open a project from Git

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Welcome Screen, click the Get from Version Control link.

    • From the main menu, select VCS | Get from Version Control.

  2. Select the version control system where your project is stored. Here it is Git:

    Open a project from VCS

  3. Specify the path to the repository and select the directory to which a project will be cloned. Alternatively, you can select GitHub on the left, login using your credentials, and select any project you want to work with.

  4. Click Clone.

Once you have opened the project, you should configure Python interpreter for it (in particular, create a virtual environment), and set up your project.

If your project was previously configured with any interpreter that is not currently available, PyCharm shows a warning and provides two options: select an interpreter that fits the previous configuration or configure another Python interpreter:

A warning message with the options to configure a project interpreter

Note, when you open a project configured for the outdated version of the Python interpreter, the following message appears:

notification on the unsupported version of the Python interpreter
Click Configure Python interpreter to set up a valid one.

Last modified: 04 June 2020