PyCharm 2020.3 Help

Edit Jobs Linked to Changelist dialog

The dialog opens in the following cases:

  • When you select a changelist and then select Edit Associated Jobs from the context menu.

  • When you click the Icon open local version button in the Perforce area of the Commit Changes dialog.

Use the dialog to search for Perforce jobs, link jobs to the selected changelist, and detach currently linked jobs.

Item Tooltip and Shortcut Description
Icons general remove Unlink selected jobs Click this button to detach the selected job from the changelist.
Find perforce job Search Click this button to open the Link Job to Changelist dialog, where you can search for available jobs, view their details, and link the desired job to the changelist.
Icons general add Find and link job matching the pattern Click this button to start quick search for the job that matches the pattern specified in the field and attach the job to the changelist.

In the field, specify the exact name of the desired job or a search pattern according to the Perforce jobs syntax rules.

Close Click this button to save the specified settings and leave the dialog.
Last modified: 19 August 2020