PyCharm 2020.3 Help

Run and rerun applications

PyCharm enables running entire applications as well as particular scripts.

PyCharm uses settings that are defined in a Run/Debug Configuration. All the run configurations that exist in a project, are available in the Select Run/Debug Configuration list.

Py run config menu

If you want to see the list of all currently running applications, select Run | Show Running List from the main menu. Refer to the View running processes section for details.

Note that after you've started a run session, the Icons toolwindows tool window run icon that marks the Run tool window and in the Run/Debug Configuration Selector toggles to Active run icon to indicate that the run process is active.

Running a script

  • Choose Run | Run on the main menu or press Alt+Shift+F10, and then select the desired run/debug configuration.

    This way it's possible to run any available run/debug configuration - one has to choose the desired run/debug configuration from the popup menu that shows all the run/debug configurations, existing in a project.

    Run from the left gutter

    Run popup

    See Using the Run popup menu for details.

  • For the main clause: In the gutter, click Run icon, and choose the desired command.

    Run from the left gutter

  • Choose Run <name> from the context menu:

    Run context menu

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+F10.

  • Select the desired module in the Project tool window and choose Run <name > from the context menu of the selection.

    Py run from project tool window

Invoke the Run popup menu either by choosing the Run | Run command on the main menu, or by pressing Alt+Shift+F10.

Py alt shift f10

From this popup menu that you can:

  • Invoke the Edit Configuration dialog.

  • Edit the selected configuration before launch F4.

  • Instantly delete a configuration Delete.

  • Switch from run to debug and vice versa (hold Shift ).

  • Access a previously selected configuration 1.

This popup menu can also be quickly accessed by pressing F9, when you're not running any debug session.

Rerunning applications

  1. In the Run window, select the tab where the desired application is opened.

  2. In the toolbar of the Run window, click the Rerun button Rerun console, or press Ctrl+F5.
Last modified: 19 April 2021