PyCharm 2020.3 Help


Use this page to configure font for the PyCharm editor.

FontUse this option to select your font. The Show only monospaced fonts option if selected shortens the list of available fonts.
SizeSelect the size of your font. If you need to quickly change the font size while in the editor, use the Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel option located in Settings/Preferences | Editor | General.
Line spacingSpecify the factor of the point size to define the vertical distance between lines of code in the editor. The default value 1.2 corresponds to the 120% of the point size. You can alter the factor and evaluate the effect in the preview area.
Fallback fontSelect a font to use if PyCharm encounters a character that is not part of the main font.
Enable font ligatures

Select this option to enable font ligatures. Ligatures are special symbols in a font that combine two or more symbols into one. For example, in some fonts, != becomes .

Restore DefaultsThis option becomes available when you override the default font settings through the Console Font page located in Settings/Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme. Press this option, if you need to restore your default settings.
Last modified: 08 April 2021