PyCharm 2020.3 Help


Use this page to customize the Terminal Alt+F12 settings.



Start directorySpecify the working directory where every new shell session should start.
Environment VariablesSpecify custom environment variables for every new shell session.
Shell path

Specify the shell that will run by default. Here are some examples of different shells:

  • Bash: /bin/bash

  • Z shell: /bin/zsh

  • Bash for Windows: bash.exe

  • WSL: wsl.exe

  • PowerShell: powershell

  • Command Prompt: cmd.exe

  • Cygwin: "C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe" --login -i

Tab nameSpecify the default name for new tabs.
Audible bellPlay the bell sound on an incoming escape sequence.
Close session when it endsClose the current session when the corresponding process ends (for example, by kill ).
Mouse reportingEnable the mouse pointer support in the embedded local terminal.
Copy to clipboard on selectionCopy text selected in the terminal to the clipboard.
Paste on middle mouse button clickPaste clipboard contents by clicking the middle mouse button.
Override IDE shortcutsUse shell-specific shortcuts instead of IDE shortcuts when the Terminal tool window is active.
Shell integration

Integrate the terminal with the system shell to properly keep track of your command history for sessions and load a custom config file with required environment variables.

Shell integration works for sh, bash, zsh, and fish shells.

Highlight hyperlinksHighlight HTTP links in the terminal and make them clickable.
Run Commands using IDE

Detect and highlight commands that can be used as IDE features instead of running them in the terminal and reading console output.

When enabled, instead of pressing Enter, which runs the command in the terminal, press Ctrl+Enter to open the corresponding GUI element. See Terminal emulator for details.

Activate virtualenv

For the Python interpreter being a virtual environment, with this checkbox selected, the virtual environment is automatically activated (activate is performed automatically).

This option is available only if you have the Python plugin installed.

Last modified: 08 March 2021