PyCharm 2021.2 Help

Confirm Drop Dialog

From the Database tool window: Edit | Drop, Drop from the context menu, or Delete.

Click OK to remove the selected item or items, or click the Open query in console icon to copy the SQL statement or statements into the query console.

the Open in console icon



Qualify objects with schema names

Adds a schema name to the table name. You can qualify a table when you have two and more tables with identical names in different schemes. This option has the following parameters:

  • Auto: automatically qualifies table names if you have more than two identical table names in different schemes.

  • Never: never qualifies table names.

  • Always: always qualifies table names.

Use IF EXISTS syntax

Ensures that the table exists.


Deletes objects that depend on the table (such as views).

SQL Preview

The statement or statements to be run to remove the selected item or items. If necessary, you can edit the statements right in this pane.

The statements are executed when you click OK.

Open query in console icon

Copy the statements into the corresponding query console and close the dialog.

Last modified: 02 September 2021