PyCharm 2021.2 Help

Import File dialog when called from a data editor

This dialog opens when exporting delimiter-separated values from a data editor to a database.

Table name, structure and data mappings




The name of the table.


The table comment.

ColumnsĀ / Keys etc.

Data mappings for columns, and the definitions of the columns, constraints and indexes.

  • To start editing the information for a column, double-click the corresponding line in the list of columns.

    Note the Mapped to field. This field lets you specify which data column in the file being imported should be used as a source of data for the corresponding column in the database. If you clear this field, no data will be added to the target column in the database.

  • To remove a column, select the corresponding line and click Icons general remove.

DDL preview

The statement or statements that will be run. You can edit the statements right in this pane.

Encoding, Write errors to file and Insert inconvertible values as null




The character encoding for your data in the source file.

Write errors to file

If you select the checkbox, the errors that occurred during the import are written to the specified text file. For each of the errors the place where it occurred is indicated.

Insert inconvertible values as null

If you select the checkbox, NULLs will be inserted into the table for the data that cannot be converted.

Last modified: 23 April 2021