PyCharm 2021.2 Help

Supported languages

Development of a modern application involves using multiple languages, that is why PyCharm is an IDE for polyglot programming.

PyCharm supports the following languages:

PyCharm supports the following frameworks, tools, and template languages:

  • Django up to the version 1.3.

  • Google App Engine.

  • Flask.

  • Buildout.

    PyCharm detects buildout support in the existing projects, and makes it possible to open them. However, you have to provide the buildout environment in advance.

  • Web2Py. Refer to the section Web2Py for details.

  • Pyramid. Refer to the section Pyramid for details.

  • Maya. This support includes remote debugging and launching scripts in Maya.

  • Template languages:

    Refer to the section Add Django templates.

  • SQLAlchemy. This support includes:

    • Code insight

    • Possibility to view database structure in a diagram. Refer to the section UML class diagrams.

    • Code completion and resolve.

Coding assistance in PyCharm includes:

Besides coding assistance, PyCharm also supports language-specific tools for building, running, testing, and deploying applications.

Last modified: 26 August 2021