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Use this page to manage the way data is displayed in the debugger.

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Common debugger settings

Sort values alphabeticallySelect this option to sort the values in the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.
Enable auto expressions in Variables view

Select this option if you want the PyCharm debugger to automatically evaluate expressions and show the corresponding values in the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.

The debugger analyzes the context near the breakpoint (the current statement, one statement before, and one after). It does so to find various expressions in the source code (if available) such as, for example, myvar.myfield.

If such expressions don't contain explicit method invocations, the debugger evaluates them and shows the corresponding values in the Variables view.

Show values inline Select this option to enable the Inline Debugging feature that allows viewing the values of variables right next to their usage in the editor.
Show value tooltip Select this option to enable automatic display of tooltips for values.

A tooltip in this context is a pop-up that provides an alternative, sometimes a more convenient presentation of values in the Variables pane of the Debug tool window .

To illustrate, let's assume that there is a statement like this in your code:

String s = "Hello, World! \n Hello, World!";

When this statement is executed in the debugger, you'll see a line looking similar to this in the Variables pane:

s = {java.lang.String@62} "Hello, World! \n Hello, World!"

with the line break shown as\n.

If the Show value tooltip option is on and you click this line and then hold the mouse pointer on it, you’ll see a yellow area (the "tooltip") in which the value of s is shown as

Hello, World!
Hello, World!

with a real line break in place of\n.

If this option is disabled, you must press the Alt key to display a value.

Value tooltips delay (ms) Specify the delay (in milliseconds) between the moment when the mouse pointer hovers over an object in the Variables pane of the Debug tool window, and the moment when a tooltip with the object's value is displayed.
Show value tooltip on code selection Select this option to enable tooltips that show the expression value when you select a code fragment in the editor.

JavaScript Debugger Settings

Show DOM properties This setting is applicable for debugging in Firefox. When debugging in Chrome, DOM structure and properties are shown in a dedicated Elements tab, see Viewing Actual HTML DOM.
  • When this check box is selected, DOM properties are displayed in the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.
  • When this check box is cleared, DOM properties are hidden.
Show function values
  • When this check box is selected, PyCharm displays the values of functions listed under the Functions node in the Variables pane. Depending on the status of the Show only user-defined functions check box. PyCharm displays values either for all functions or only for user-defined ones.
  • When the check box is cleared, values of functions are hidden.
Show only user-defined functions The check box is available only when the Show function values check box is selected, otherwise it is irrelevant.
  • When the check box is cleared, PyCharm displays values of all functions, both user-defined and inherited.
  • When the check box is selected, values for user-defined functions are displayed only, inherited functions are just listed.
Show the following properties for an object nodeSelect this check box if you want PyCharm to show certain object node properties and configure a list of the properties t display. For each object node in the Variables pane, PyCharm will display a label with the values of the listed properties. Use add (Alt+Insert) and delete (Alt+Delete) to add and remove the properties.

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