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Change Signature dialog

Refactor | Change Signature

The Change Signature refactoring combines several different modifications that can be applied to a method signature. You can use this refactoring to:

  • change the method name

  • add, remove, and reorder parameters

  • assign default values to the parameters

When changing a method signature, PyCharm searches for all usages of the method and updates all the calls, implementations, and override replacements of the method that can be safely modified to reflect the change.




Name of a function, method, or a method specification.


List of parameters in the signature. In the Parameters field, you can perform the following actions with parameters:

  • Add The Add icon: Adds a new parameter. You can specify properties of the new parameter in the corresponding table row (a name, type, and a default value).

  • Remove The Remove icon: Removes a parameter.

  • Up The Up icon and Down The Down icon icons: Reorders parameters.

Last modified: 11 February 2024