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Configuring Default Settings for Diagrams

Default options for the UML Class diagram help define the elements to be shown in diagram, visibility level of the node elements and members, layout, and more. These settings apply to any newly created UML Class diagram. Once a UML Class diagram is open, you can change its display settings as required, using the diagram toolbar and context menu.

Refer to the section Diagrams for the detailed description of controls.

To configure default settings for diagrams

  1. Open Settings, and under the Tools node, click Diagrams.

  2. In the Diagrams page of the Settings dialog box, choose node you want to configure settings for, and then select the checkboxes to define the elements to be shown or hidden in diagram, for example, class members, or visibility level.

  3. Select the checkboxes that define the Class diagram appearance and behavior: default layout, behavior after layout, and the possibility to view colored links.

  4. Apply changes.

Last modified: 10 December 2018

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