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Platform Properties Reference'

The file can include both settings that are specific for the IntelliJ platform and any other relevant properties. To configure platform properties, on the Help menu, click Edit Custom Properties.

You can use macros with any property name to insert its value, for example, use ${user.home} to specify paths relative to the user's home directory.


Default value




Defines whether PyCharm should look inside directories for valid projects to mark such directories with the corresponding icon. If you disable this property, such lookups will not be performed outside of the user's home directory.



Sets the maximum size of the console cyclic buffer (in kylobytes). If the console output size exceeds this value, oldest lines are deleted. To disable the cyclic buffer, set idea.cycle.buffer.size=disabled.



Defines whether long classpath should be written to a file and read from there instead of passing it on the command line. By default, this is disabled and if the command exceeds the limit of characters allowed by the shell, it fails.



Sets the maximum size of files (in kylobytes) that PyCharm is able to open and process.



Sets the maximum size of files (in kilobytes) for which PyCharm provides coding assistance. Coding assistance for large files can decrease editor performance and increase memory consumption.



Sets the maximum size (in kilobytes) that PyCharm loads for showing past file contents when comparing changes.


Defines whether a special launcher should be used when running processes from PyCharm. The launcher is enabled by default and provides "soft exit" and "thread dump" features. To disable it, set



If your window manager is configured to change focus with the mouse and auto-raise windows, set this property to medium, which will prevent problems with popup menus on some configurations.



Defines whether PyCharm should throw ProcessCanceledException when user activity is detected. Disable this only when developing plugins and you need to debug the IDE itself (activities related to PSI, which are performed in the background error analysis thread), because it can cause significant slowdowns and lockups.


${idea.home} macro

Use ${idea.home} macro to specify location relative to IDE installation home.

Also use ${xxx} where xxx is any java property (including defined in the previous lines of this file) to refer to its value.

Path to the IDE config folder

Uncomment this option if you want to customize path to IDE config folder.


Path to IDE system folder

Uncomment this option if you want to customize path to IDE system folder.


Path to user installed plugins

Uncomment this option if you want to customize path to user installed plugins folder.


Path to IDE logs folder

Uncomment this option if you want to customize path to IDE logs folder.


Maximum file size

Maximum file size (kilobytes) IDE should provide coding assistance for. The larger file is, the slower its editor works and later overall system memory requirements are, if coding assistance is enabled.

Remove this property or set to a very large number, if you need coding assistance for any files to be available, regardless of their size.


Large file size limit

The maximum file size that IDE accepts for loading. For example, when you have a file that exceeds the specified limit for "Find in Files" action, IDE will ignore such file. You can override the default maximum size by manually specifying the size limit.


Console cyclic buffer

This option controls console cyclic buffer: keeps the console output size not higher than the specified buffer size (Kb). Older lines are deleted. In order to disable cycle buffer, use idea.cycle.buffer.size=disabled



Configure if a special launcher should be used when running processes from within IDE. Using Launcher enables "soft exit" and "thread dump" features.


To avoid too long classpath



Uncomment this property to prevent IDE from throwing ProcessCanceledException when user activity detected. This option is only useful for plugin developers, while debugging PSI related activities performed in background error analysis thread.

DO NOT UNCOMMENT THIS UNLESS YOU'RE DEBUGGING THE IDE ITSELF. Significant slowdowns and lockups will happen otherwise.


Popup window weight

There are two possible values of idea.popup.weight property: "heavy" and "medium". If you have WM configured as "Focus follows mouse with Auto Raise" then you have to set this property to "medium". It prevents problems with the popup menus on some configurations.


System anti-aliasing

Use default anti-aliasing in system, that is override value of "Settings|Editor|Appearance|Use anti-aliased font" option. May be useful when using Windows Remote Desktop Connection for instance.


Disabling this property may lead to visual glitches like blinking and fail to repaint on certain display adapter cards.


Editor performance

Removing this property may lead to editor performance degradation under Windows.


Slow scrolling

Workaround for slow scrolling in JDK6.


Editor performance under X Window

Removing this property may lead to editor performance degradation under X Window.


Avoid long hangs

Workaround to avoid long hangs while accessing clipboard under macOS.


Copy library jars

IDE copies library jars to prevent their locking. If copying is not desirable, specify "true"


Start the JVM in debug mode

The VM option value to be used to start the JVM in debug mode. Some JREs define it in a different way (-XXdebug in Oracle VM)


Switch into JMX 1.0 compatibility mode.

Uncomment this option to be able to run PyCharm using J2SDK 1.5+ while working with application servers (like WebLogic) running 1.4.


Fatal errors notifications

Change to 'enabled' if you want to receive instant visual notifications about fatal errors that happen to an IDE or plugins installed.

Last modified: 08 April 2024