PyCharm 2021.1 Help


FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
Close Active TabCtrl+Shift+F4Close an active tab in a tool window (for example, Find tool window).
Close EditorCtrl+F4Close an active editor.
Edit SourceF4Open an editor for the selected item or items and give focus to the last opened file.
EscapeEscapeDepending on the context:
  • In the editor: close popups, terminate search, or remove highlighting.

  • In a tool window: return focus to the editor.

Export to Text FileAlt+OExport contents of a tool window to a text file. This feature applies to the Version Control tool window Alt+9 and the other tool windows that provide the export button Icons toolbar decorator export on the window toolbar.
New...Alt+InsertCreate a new class, file or directory. See Populating Modules.
Save AllCtrl+SSave all files and settings.
Select Next TabAlt+RightWhen several tabs are open in the editor or a view, open the next tab to the right (or first tab if the current one is the last).
Select Previous TabAlt+LeftWhen several tabs are open in the editor or a view, open the next tab to the left (or last tab if the current one is the first).
Show Intention ActionAlt+EnterDisplay intention actions (if any) for the code where the caret is currently located, or the selected GUI component in a form.
Reload All from DiskCtrl+Alt+YDetect all externally changed files and reload them from disk.
View SourceCtrl+EnterDepending on the context:
  • In Tool Windows: Open an Editor tab or tabs for the selected item or items, respectively.

  • In the editor: Intelligently split the current line into 2 lines, shifting quotes, etc. as necessary.

Last modified: 06 April 2021