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General Techniques of Using Diagrams

In this section:

Select elements in diagram

  • To select an element, just click it in diagram.

  • To select multiple adjacent elements, keep Shift pressed and click the desired elements, or just drag a lasso around the elements to be selected.

  • To select multiple non-adjacent elements, keep Ctrl+Shift pressed and click the desired elements.

  • To select a member of a node element, double-click the node element, and then use the arrow keys, or the mouse pointer.

Manage diagram layout

  • Right-click the diagram background, and choose Layout command of the diagram context menu. Next, select the desired layout from the submenu.

  • Use Drag-and-drop technique to lay out entities in diagram manually.

  • Apply the current layout selected on the context menu of the diagram, by clicking the Apply Current Layout button.

Zoom in and out, do one of the following

  • Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out toolbar buttons.

  • Keeping Ctrl key pressed, rotate your mouse wheel up or down.

  • Press NumPad+ or NumPad-.

Use the magnifier tool

  • Keep the Alt key pressed, and hover your mouse pointer over the most interesting, or problematic areas of the diagram.

    Magnifier tool

Last modified: 19 August 2020