PyCharm 2024.1 Help




Meteor executable

In this field, specify the location of the Meteor executable file (refer to Installing Meteor).

Automatically exclude ".meteor/local" directory on open project

When the checkbox is selected, PyCharm automatically marks the .meteor/local folder, which is intended for storing the built application, as excluded but still shows it in the project tree. By default, excluded files are shown in the project tree. To hide the .meteor/local folder, click Show Options Menu on the toolbar of the Project tool window, select Tree Appearance, and remove a tick next to the Show Excluded Files option.

Enable Meteor 'Hot code push'

Automatically import Meteor packages as an external library.

  • When the checkbox is selected, PyCharm automatically imports the external packages from the meteor/packages file. As a result, PyCharm provides full range coding assistance: resolves references to Meteor built-in functions, for example, check(true), and to functions from third-party packages, provides proper syntax and error highlighting, supports debugging with source maps, and so on.

  • When this checkbox is cleared, PyCharm does not automatically import the external packages from the meteor/packages file. As a result no coding assistance is provided. To improve the situation, open the meteor/packages file in the editor and click the Import packages as library link or run the meteor --update command.

Weak search for Spacebars templates

  • Select this checkbox to enable PyCharm to search inside Spacebars templates. When this checkbox is selected and you invoke the Go to Declaration action on a helper, PyCharm displays a list of all occurrences of this helper in templates. Choose the relevant one from the list.

  • When you invoke Go to Declaration with this checkbox cleared, PyCharm does not perform any search and displays a tooltip which the following message: Cannot find declaration to go to.

Last modified: 25 June 2024