PyCharm 2023.3 Help

Navigate between text and message file

Use the Gnu get text icons com jetbrains localization i18n gutter icons to navigate from a template to a localization file. To jump from localization file to the corresponding template, use Control+LeftClick.

Navigate from a template to locale

  1. Click Gnu get text icons com jetbrains localization i18n icon in the gutter next to the desired tag.

  2. If a tag is referenced from several locales, select one from the popup:

    Go to localization file from template

    The selected django.po file opens in the editor, with the caret resting at the msgid that corresponds to the tag.

Navigate from a locale to template

  1. In the desired django.po file, place the caret at the comment above the locale:

  2. Go to Navigate | Declaration Control+B, or use any other method, described in Navigating section.

    go to declaration

    The corresponding template files opens in the editor.

  3. Alternatively, you can press the Control key and hover over the comment above the locale. The comment turns into a hyperlink. Click it to navigate to the template file.

View references to a localization tag

  1. Hover over the gutter icon next to the desired tag.

  2. Inspect the balloon with the list of locale files that reference the selected tag:

    view references to a localized tag
Last modified: 07 September 2023