PyCharm 2024.1 Help

Rerun and debug tests

You can repeat a test session or individual tests without leaving the Run tool window. The tests are performed again using the same run configuration as in the initial run.

Rerun a testing session

  • Press Ctrl+F5 or click the Rerun button the Run button on the toolbar of Test Runner tab .

Note that you can rerun the tests automatically.

Rerun an individual test

  • In the Test Runner tab , right-click a test case node or a test and select Run <test_target>.

Rerun failed tests

  • In the Test Runner tab , click the Rerun Failed Tests button the Rerun Failed Tests button on the toolbar.

Rerunning tests automatically

PyCharm lets you rerun run/debug configuration of a test automatically, if the source code has been changed. To enable autotest-like runner facility, make sure that the Rerun Automatically button the Toggle Auto-Test button in the Run toolbar of the Test Runner tab is pressed.

Debug failed tests

When one or several tests in your test suite failed, debugging can help you quickly inspect the failures, preview the problematic code lines in the editor, and fix them.

  1. Open the project Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S). Go to Build, Execution, Deployment | Python Debugger and select the Drop into debugger on failed tests checkbox.

  2. Open the test file in the editor. Right-click it and select the Debug <test name>.

  3. PyCharm stops on every failed test and shows the reason for the failure. Inspect the Variables pane of the Debugger tool window to get more details about the problems.

    Exception breakpoint is added when debugging a failed test

    Use the debugging toolbar to step through the test code.

  4. If you discovered and fixed the problems, you can just click the Run icon (Run the test) in the gutter and terminate the debugging process.

    Fixing a failed test

You can also select a particular failed test in the Run tool window and debug it separately.

Select a failed test to debug
Last modified: 09 May 2024