PyCharm 2021.2 Help


This page contains information about the current PyCharm version and availability of a newer version. You can also configure how you want to update PyCharm if it is a standalone instance.

Automatically check updates for

Select whether you want PyCharm to check for updates automatically and choose an update channel.

  • Early Access Program: Provides all updates, including weekly EAP releases. This channel is not recommended for production development.

  • Beta Releases or Public Previews: Includes stable releases, release candidates, and beta releases. Some updates in this channel may contain minor bugs and feature previews.

  • Stable Releases: Includes only stable releases that are recommended for production.

Check Now

Check for updates immediately.

View/edit ignored updatesShow the list of updates that were ignored. These updates will not be suggested until you remove them from the list of ignored updates.
Last modified: 09 March 2021