PyCharm 2023.1 Help

Use Emacs as an External Editor in PyCharm

Emacs is an advanced text editor that allows you to comprehensively operate with your code. Using Emacs implies fully adjustable editing based on the language you use for coding.

This article explains how to add Emacs to PyCharm and use it to modify your code.

Configure Emacs as an external editing tool

  1. In the Settings dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, select Tools | External Tools.

  2. In the External Tools window, click the Add button to create a new tool.

  3. Specify name, group and description based on your preferences.

  4. In the Tool Settings section:

    • Program: click the Add button and select path to the Emacs application

    • Arguments: click the Add button and select FilePath from the list

    • Working directory: click the Add button and select ProjectFileDir from the list

  5. Clear the Open console for tool output checkbox.

    Adding emacs as an external editor on Windows
    Adding emacs as an external editor on macOS
  6. Click OK.

  7. Apply changes and exit Settings.

Open current file in Emacs editor

  1. From the Main menu, select Tools | External Tools | Emacs.

  2. Separate window will appear with the Emacs editor:

    Emacs external editor window
Last modified: 11 January 2023