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Viewing and Exploring Test Results

After you run a test, the Run tool window will display the test runner tab with the results of your testing session. On this tab, you can view statistics of the tests, navigate to stack trace, show or hide successful tests, and more.

View statistics

To view the execution time for tests, click  the Settings button on the toolbar and click the Show Inline Statistics option.

Test runner in the Run tool window

View assertEquals difference

If a unit test contains string assertEquals failures, the IDE enables you to view differences between the compared strings.

Right-click the necessary test and select View assertEquals Difference from the context menu. You will be able to compare strings in the dedicated Differences viewer.

Viewing assertEquals difference

View results of previous tests

PyCharm automatically saves results of 10 last tests.

To view them, click the Test History icon, and select the necessary test from the list. For each test, the list displays the run configuration name and a time stamp.
Viewing results of previous tests

You can also export test results to a file if you want to keep them or share with your team.

Export test results to a file

Click Export Test Results on the test runner toolbar, select the format in which you want to save the file, and specify its name and location.

If you want to open this file later in PyCharm, use the XML format.

To load the previously exported file, click Import Tests from File Import Tests from File and then select the required XML file in the dialog that opens.

Last modified: 13 September 2019

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