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Viewing Definition

Quick Definition Lookup shows you where and how your project symbols (tags, classes, methods/functions, fields, etc) are defined.

Definitions are shown in the Documentation pop-up window or in the Documentation tool window.

For markup languages, PyCharm retrieves definitions of symbols from the specified DTD or schema. For details, see HTML and XML.

View the definition of a symbol at caret

  • Select a symbol and press Ctrl+Shift+I or choose View | Quick Definition.
    py quickDefinitionLookup

    In case of several definitions are shown for a symbol, use the arrows on the toolbar to navigate to a particular definition.

    Use arrows to preview several definitions

Jump to the definition of the symbol

  • When in the hover mode, just click the link into which the symbol has turned.
    Jump to the selected definition
  • To open the source code of the definition for editing and close the quick definition lookup window, click icons actions edit svg on the toolbar or press F4.
  • To open the definition without closing the quick definition lookup window, click View the definition source code or press Ctrl+Enter.

Toolbar of the quick definition lookup

Use the icons on the toolbar of the pop-up window to navigate to the source code of the definition and view its usages.

IconKeyboard shortcutAction
icons actions back svg icons actions forward svg Shift+Alt+Left
Navigate to the previous/next screen in the definition pop-up window after using hyperlinks in the definition.
icons actions edit svgF4Open the source code of the definition for editing, and close the quick definition lookup window.
View the definition source codeCtrl+EnterOpen the source code of the definition, and preserve the quick definition lookup window opened.
Last modified: 17 September 2018

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