PyCharm 2020.2 Help

Viewing Pages with Web Contents

With PyCharm, you can perform two opposite operations:

  • Preview the output of your Web application in the browser to check whether the pages are rendered correctly. PyCharm can display a page preview in a browser of your choice or you can switch between several browsers. PyCharm currently supports previews in the following browsers:

    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Internet Explorer

    • Safari

    • Chrome

    • Opera

  • View the HTML source code of a Web page in the PyCharm editor.

Previewing pages with web content in a browser

You can preview a file with Web contents in a browser. This can be the PyCharm default browser specified in the Web Browsers section of the IDE settings or the one of your choice.

  • Call View | Open in Browser from the main menu. The current file opens in the default browser.

  • With the editor tab having the focus, choose View | Preview file in from the main menu or press Alt+F2. Then select the desired browser from the list:

    previewInBrowser1 png
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the code to show the browser icons bar, and click the icon that indicates the desired browser: Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer Opera

Open the HTML source code of a Web page in the editor

You can open the HTML source code of any Web page in the PyCharm editor.

No matter which programming language was originally used to develop a page (for example, XML or PHP), PyCharm shows the resulting HTML code.

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A and select Open Source Code from URL... from the list.

  2. In the Open URL dialog that opens, specify the URL address of the desired Web page. Type the URL address manually or choose a previously specified one from the list.

Last modified: 02 September 2020