Qodana 2022.3 Help

Qodana code inspection output formats

Basic output

Each Qodana code inspection run produces the following output located in the output directory:

  • log/: contains idea.log, gradle.log, and so on.

  • projectStructure/: metainformation about your project: modules, frameworks/libraries, roots, and so on.

  • report/: HTML report (generated if the --save-report/--show-report option has been provided). Full Qodana results are available in the results-allProblems.json file.

  • .descriptions.json: descriptions for all inspections.

  • %InspectionId%.json: all problems generated by the inspection with this ID: %InspectionId% message, place, severity, and so on.

  • qodana.sarif.json: report in the SARIF format.

An example of the Qodana command-line summary output:

---- Qodana - Code Inspection ---- 2 problem(s) with Critical severity - Category(ies): General 1 problem(s) with Moderate severity - Category(ies): Code style ---- Problems reported: 3 ----

UI-compatible output

In addition to programmatic output, you can generate a human-readable report in the HTML format by using the --save-report argument.

Last modified: 12 November 2021