Qodana 2023.2 Help


Onboarding is an essential step in preparing Qodana for working with your project, which lets you:

  • Connect your project repository to Qodana Cloud

  • Create a Qodana Cloud organization, a team, and a project

  • Generate a project token required by the Ultimate and Ultimate Plus linters

  • Set up code inspection

Onboarding uses information from your JetBrains account including licenses and companies.

Below is the description of the steps.

  1. In the New company name field, provide either a new company name that will be stored in your JetBrains account. Alternatively, you can use the already existing company taken from your JetBrains account.

    In the Name of your Qodana organization field, provide the name of the organization that will be used only in Qodana Cloud. In this case, multiple Qodana organizations can be created under a single JetBrains account.

    In the Country field, select your country name.

    The first step of the Qodana Cloud onboarding
  2. In the SSH URL field, provide the SSH URL to your project that can be accessible by Qodana Cloud.

    The second step of the Qodana Cloud onboarding

    After connecting, Qodana Cloud provides a public key that will be used to authenticate your Qodana Cloud account.

    The public key generated during the second step of the Qodana Cloud onboarding

    Copy this public key and save it in your VCS on the project level. For example, read how to do it on:

  3. In the Your project name field, specify the name of the Qodana Cloud project. In the field below it, specify the name of the team that the project will be accessible for.

    The third step of the Qodana Cloud onboarding
  4. Open your project locally using the JetBrains IDE, or learn how to configure Qodana for running in a CI/CD pipeline. This step also contains the project token that you can copy and use for uploading Qodana reports to Qodana Cloud.

    The fourth step of the Qodana Cloud onboarding
Last modified: 23 November 2023