Qodana 2023.2 Help

Report overview

Information from project reports is aggregated and displayed in several sections marked on this image.

Qodana Cloud report overview

Here is the description of each section:

1. The project name, the branch name, time passed since the last inspection run, the number of detected problems and their severity.

2. The codebase amount covered with tests.

3. The context menu that lets you:

  • Navigate to the VCS containing your codebase

  • Rename the project

  • Copy or regenerate the project token

  • Delete the project

This table shows how Qodana Cloud interprets and displays several reports depending on their metadata.

Branch name

Commit time

Commit hash


The same

The same


The latest report and overwrites the previous reports

The same



Separate reports



The same

Single report

To see the project reports, click it. This will open the report page.

Report overview

The upper part of the report page contains:

1. Branch selector. Using it, you can overview reports for each branch in your project.

2. Commit hash and time passed since the last inspection run.

3. Timeline describing the date of inspection, number of problems detected.

4. Buttons for navigating to the build page, downloading the report in SARIF format, and opening the help guide.

5. Selector for overviewing either the absolute number of detected problems, or the number of problems relatively to a baseline set for this project.

To learn more about Qodana report UI, see the Inspection report section.

Last modified: 16 November 2023