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Qodana is a code quality monitoring platform that allows you to evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract, or purchase. It brings into your CI/CD pipelines all the smart features you love in the JetBrains IDEs plus continues adding project-level checks like clone detection and license audit (coming soon).

Qodana allows you to get an overview of the project quality, set quality targets, and track progress on them. You can quickly adjust the list of checks applied for the project and include or remove directories from the analysis.

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Qodana includes a growing number of command-line tools (linters) which provide project analysis locally or in any CI.


Every linter provides two types of output:

  • JSON files separately described per each linter in the Results chapter

  • Web report for interactive results investigation and configuration adjustment described in UI Overview

The Qodana UI can be part of your CI user interface in case your CI supports the UI extension. If it doesn't, you can spin the Qodana UI on your own following our guidelines.


To facilitate integration, extensibility, and advanced reporting, Qodana linters are supplied in a number of distribution formats and web services:

Try it now

Analyse a project locally

Start with Qodana IntelliJ linter or check other linters we provide.

docker run --rm -it -v <source-directory>/:/data/project/ -p 8080:8080 jetbrains/qodana --show-report

where source-directory should point to the root of your project. Read our Docker guide for more options and details related to the Qodana execution.

You will be able to check results in your browser at http://localhost:8080.

For all linters the procedure is basically the same, the differences and complete steps are provided in the detailed guides for every distribution format.

Run at GitHub

We published a dedicated GitHub action for every Qodana linter so you can easily include it in any GitHub workflow.

Supported languages

Java, Kotlin, and PHP are already supported. Eventually, all languages and technologies covered by JetBrains IDEs will be added.


By using Qodana, you agree to the JetBrains EAP user agreement and JetBrains privacy policy.

Last modified: 31 August 2021