Qodana 2022.2 Help

Docker image configuration

Docker image paths

  • /data/project: root directory of the project to be analyzed

  • /data/results: directory to store the analysis results, needs to be empty before each Qodana run


Available arguments:

$ docker run jetbrains/qodana-license-audit Usage: entrypoint [OPTIONS] Application & help options: -i, --project-dir DIRECTORY Project to run License audit on -o, --results-dir PATH Save results to the folder -s, --save-report Generate an HTML report -w, --show-report Serve an HTML report on port 8080

Examples of execution tuneup:

  • Display a report in HTML. After the License audit analysis is finished, the container will not exit and will listen to port 8080. You can connect to http://localhost:8080 to see the results. When done, you can stop the web server by pressing Ctrl-C in the Docker console.

    docker run ... -p 8080:8080 <image-name> --show-report

Install and use a different version of a language:

The default installed versions of languages in the License audit image

PHP_VERSION = "7.4.16" JAVA_VERSION = "openjdk@1.14"

Run as non-root

By default, the container is run as the root user so that Qodana can read any volumes bind-mounted with the project and write the results. As a result, files in the results/ folder are owned by the root after the run.
To avoid this, you can run the container as a regular user:

docker run -u $UID ... # or docker run -u $(id -u):$(id -g) ...

Note that in this case, the results/ folder on host should already be created and owned by you. Otherwise, Docker will create it as root and Qodana will not be able to write to it.

Last modified: 30 September 2022