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License Audit TeamCity plugin

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The Qodana License Audit plugin for TeamCity lets you extend Qodana static analysis with the License Audit functionality.

Quick start

Use TeamCity VCS roots to add all required project source to the build.

With the plugin installed, add the Qodana runner to your build.

Qodana Build Runner

Specify the build settings

  1. Select the checkbox next to License Audit.

  2. For Additional arguments for 'docker run', specify:

    • (Optional) Your project's tools versions, for example, -e PYTHON_VERSION=3.7.10

    • (Optional) Using verbose License Audit build output with -e QODANA_VERBOSE=true

Also use qodana.yaml and qodana.license.rules.json in your project to configure the tool.

  1. If you use DSL to configure your build, add this section to your build configuration description:

steps { ... qodana { ... param("licenseaudit-custom-docker-image", "jetbrains/qodana-license-audit") param("licenseaudit-enable", "true") } }
  1. For Docker image name, specify an image name (and optionally tag).

    Public Image (Latest) points to the default jetbrains/qodana-license-audit:latest.

    Custom allows to specify your own value in the field that appears below.

  2. Click Save. Now you can run a build with new inspection parameters you specified.

Almost all UI features of the Qodana tab are similar across all Qodana tools we provide. They are sufficient for exploring the results of a single run, but the tab in TeamCity offers even more. You can easily compare two builds and focus on the difference. Now, the comparison is limited to a single build configuration, but we are working on providing the cross-configuration option as well.

In the inspection profile, you will find six inspections provided by License Audit:

  • Unrecognized project license

  • Unrecognized dependency license

  • No project licenses

  • No dependency licenses

  • Prohibited dependency license

  • Uncategorized dependency license

Check the chapter about Qodana Inspection Results to see all features available in the UI.


By using Qodana License Audit TeamCity plugin, you agree to the JetBrains EAP user agreement and JetBrains privacy policy.

Last modified: 09 September 2021