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TeamCity plugins

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List of Qodana plugins available

Qodana plugins for TeamCity are an example of how fine-tuned our linters’ integration into a CI workflow can be.

If you have your own installation of TeamCity, you can install the following Qodana plugins from JetBrains Marketplace:

Qodana reporting features in TeamCity

After extending your build with Qodana, you’ll get the following capabilities:

  • View an interactive report in a separate build tab

  • Compare problems and checks applied between builds

  • Report discovered problems as standard TeamCity tests so that you can assign investigations to the responsible team members

  • Use flexible build failure conditions

  • View aggregate statistics for static code analysis metrics

Tc plugin

The screenshot above shows a report for failed inspections grouped by type. In this example, 17 problems related to PhpHierarchyChecksInspections were grouped together. You can also choose grouping by file or module, or create a separate assignable failed “test” for every problem that is found.

For more about Qodana HTML reports, see the Qodana Inspection Results chapter.

Last modified: 18 October 2021