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ReSharper by Language: C#

ReSharper 2016.1 fully supports all C# versions up to C# 6.0. C# is the primary programming language targeted by ReSharper, and therefore all ReSharper features (excluding some language-specific features) are supported in C# (for more information, see ReSharper Features in Different Languages).

By default, ReSharper automatically detects C# version based on the associated compiler However, you can specify the target C# version explicitly by selecting the project in the Solution Explorer and using the C# Language Level property in the Visual Studio's Properties window (choose View | Properties Window in the menu). Depending on the selected C# version, ReSharper's code inspection detects code issues and suggests improvements relevant to the selected C# version.

Information on ReSharper features in C# is available in the following sections:

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Last modified: 19 August 2016