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ReSharper Build & Run window

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This window serves you for two purposes:

ReSharper Build & Run window
ThemedIcon.SolBuilderDuoBuild.Screen.[Gray] Build Builds the current solution or allows you to choose another build actions: Rebuild or Clean
Run configuration selector Shows the active run configuration, allows switching between configurations and add new once. For more information, see Using Run Configurations.
toolbar__run_selected_tests Run Runs the active run configuration.
ThemedIcon.RunNoBuild.Screen.[Gray] Run without Building Runs the active run configuration without building the solution.
ThemedIcon.RunDebug.Screen.[Gray] Debug Starts debugging of the active configuration.
ThemedIcon.RunDebugNoBuild.Screen.[Gray] Debug without Building Starts debugging of the active configuration without building.
ThemedIcon.Settings.Screen.[Gray] Settings Allows you to switch between ReSharper Builder and Visual Studio Builder, and open the settings page of the ReSharper Builder.
Last modified: 19 August 2016