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Preferences configurable on this page affect the behaviour of specific Code Style Assistance features. The preferences are taken into account when ReSharper applies refactorings, code templates or produces generated code. They can be also applied to the existing code by using code cleanup with the corresponding settings.

The preferences with the Notify with selector have corresponding code inspections that notify you if this aspect of the code style in the inspected scope differs from the the preferred style. Using these selectors, you can configure severity levels of the inspections.

If you want some preference not to be checked and not to be applied with the code cleanup, set the severity level to 'Do not show'.

Quotes The preference in this section defines whether apostrophe (') or quote (") should be used as a quote symbol.
This preference is shared with the corresponding preference for TypeScript, i.e. if you change it here, the same preference in the Code Editing | TypeScript | Code Style it also changed.

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Last modified: 19 August 2016