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Peek Definition


Starting from Visual Studio 2013, the Peek Definition feature is available in the editor. It allows you to see source code of a referenced symbol without opening a new tab. With ReSharper, this feature works a little bit different:

  • To peek definition of a symbol, press Ctrl+Shift+Q or Ctrl+Shift - click on the symbol
  • If you peek definition of a library symbol, ReSharper will display the decompiled source code of the definition.
  • All navigation features are available in the peek definition view. For example, you can invoke the Navigate TO command. All navigation results are shown within the same peek definition view.
  • If a navigation command returns several results, they appear in the right part of the peek definition view:
    Multiple navigation results in the peek definition view
    You can select select different symbols in the list to preview their declarations.
  • If the target symbol is defined in your solution, ReSharper performs code inspection and provides quick-fixes in the peek definition view:
    Code inspection in the peek definition view
    If you modify code, the file is reanalysed.
  • All refactorings are available in the peek definition view. You can press Ctrl+Shift+R to check the list of available refactorings.

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Last modified: 15 December 2016